Underwater Views Without Getting Wet

If you live in North America this time of year, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re, at least, slightly chilly. For those of us who live closer to Canada than Mexico, it’s darn chilly. Bleak, cold, short days in the winter can leave you hankering for some warm weather fun. 

Sure, there are the everyday, normal getaways. But why not do something different and exciting that will be an experience of a lifetime?

How about a submarine ride? Believe it or not, you can actually ride in a submarine in several places around the world! The trips vary in depth dived, price and length of time per tour.

One of the shallowest rides is on a mock submarine around Catalina Island, California. Basically the top is a boat, with an underwater viewing area that puts you five feet underwater. You’ll get to see various fish, especially during feeding time, and an array of plant life. This is also one of the least expensive options at about $40 per adult.

If you’re more interested in a real submarine trip, and prefer more depth, there are several options available to you. You can choose from adventures in Hawaii, Guam, or the Caribbean. For approximately $100+, you can dive over 100 feet. In some instances there are not only day dives, but sunset dives and night dives. Most of these tours are around an hour. A quick internet search will result in multiple offerings. Tours are (obviously) offered where the seawater is clean and clear. A glimpse of beautiful underwater life is a great addition to a tropical trip.

If you’re a more serious thrill seeker, and think these rides sound too “touristy” to you, you’re still in luck. Just trek over to the Caribbean island of Curacao. There, in crystal clear waters, you can explore sea life and shipwrecks with visibility over 60 feet. The exciting part is that you’ll be submerged up to 1,000 feet! Different depths of dives are available, and also a night dive. If that isn’t cool enough, you also get free pictures of yourself in the sub so you can show off to all your friends. Prices range from $425 to $800 per person.

If an island off the coast of Honduras is more your speed, try Roatan. Crystal blue water? Check. White sandy beaches? Check. A submarine that will take you down to 2,000 feet? Check! (The design depth is actually rated for 3,000 feet. The deepest the sub has ever been was 2,660 feet.)

On offer is a dive to 1,000 feet lasting an hour and a half for $500. If you’d like to go to 1,500 feet, there are three dives available. For $700, you can go for a two and a half hour journey at that depth. For $1,200 you can spend 4 hours at 1,500 feet, and for a whopping $1,500, you can stay down for 5-9 hours, depending on when the massive, pre-historic six-gill shark decide to show up! The sharks are longer than the submarine!

The 2,000 foot dive will run you $900 for three and a half hours. You’ll get to see creatures that have never seen the light of day. You can see specimens such as jelly-nosed eels, rough sharks, and chimera.

Any one of these trips will create memories that will last forever, along with some pretty good bragging rights!



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