The Top Houseboat Docking System

Living aboard a houseboat is quite the joyful experience. Breathtaking views matched with the freedom of having the ability to easily move make it seem like living on a houseboat is the only way to live. The one drawback however is the lack of trust houseboat owners place in their docking lines and attachment methods. Over the years as houseboats have become more sophisticated it seems like the docking techniques have remained the same. Lines that frequently snap and weak docking systems have been the norm for houseboat owners. SlideMoor is the top houseboat docking system and has safely secured boats in the 60-100 foot range without any issues for over 15 years! Find out the many reasons we’re the best houseboat docking solution available for protecting your beautiful home on the water!



SlideMoor is a simple yet ef­fective system that secures your boat tightly to a sliding bumper on one side only. SlideMoor has provided thousands of customers with satisfaction and peace of mind for 15 years!

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