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The Sailboat Infestation Continues!

Last week I talked about the dreaded polyester mite. However, I forgot to include its brother – the insidious Vinylester Mite. This mite is a far worse scourge than its brother. Unfortunately there is no known cure or remedy for this infectious bug. It’s typically found in anchorages, boat yards, and marinas. How it’s transported is still a mystery. All sorts of test have been employed to uncover its hidden secrets to no avail.  But there is hope on the horizon. Modern science has discovered that 4 fingers of Tito’s Vodka will help eliminate the problem. The only down side is that it sometimes requires more than a single treatment over an extended period of time.

Jesse Pariseau

Jesse Pariseau

Director of Marketing & Sales at SlideMoor
I have been in the marine business since 1974. I have a BSEE from Northeastern University, specializing in Marine Sciences Instrumentation. I've been an active offshore sailor for most of my adult life having sailed a couple of Whitbread legs and way too many Bermuda races to mention!
Jesse Pariseau

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