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The Best System for Docking a Boat!

We understand the time, dedication, and pride that every boat owner feels for his craft. We understand the toughness that a life on the water, for work or for sport, builds in each of us who dares to venture forth. Life on the water requires vigilance and good judgment. One of the toughest judgment calls on the water is that of docking and securing your craft. 

We have all seen and played a part in the porch pirate heckling as we watch a sailor reach out for that piling and fall straight into the drink. We winced in pain as fellow owners tied up in knots from which even Houdini could not have escaped. Only to see that same owner come down to his beloved watercraft after a high tide or early morning storm and find it damaged in its mooring.

After years of these observations and our own hard-won experience, we have finally found a tried and true method of securing our boats and avoiding the dangers of pilings and boat docks. The best defense against the porch pirates is that of the SlideMoor Boat Docking System. It only takes two short lines and the boat is tied up tight to a bumper attached to an aluminum extrusion. This bumper then slides up and down on a secure track, protecting your boat through any wake or large waves rocking through the dock or marina.

No more spring lines, bowlines, stern lines, bumpers, fenders, or offerings to Poseidon. You have scored against the porch pirates and best of all you have saved time. Time that is better spent on the water, a reward for all your hard work and investment.

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