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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with James Timmerman to talk about his Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System (DSMS) and to see one of their repair projects in action.

James mentioned to me that something on the order of 70% of Florida’s seawalls will need to be repaired in the next 10 years.  Now that’s a lot of seawall! Reportedly, the repairs are coming from erosion and the deterioration of the life cycle of the sea wall.

Enter the need for simple and cost-effective ways to make seawall repairs.

The DSMS sea wall repair system is a simple and cost effective way to secure and maintain seawalls and bulkheads.  This provides a good opportunity for contractors and homeowners to get ahead of the issue before the need for a complete rebuild.

Take a look at the top 5 reasons to install the DSMS today!

Many seawalls and bulk heads are close to permanent structures that makes installation of traditional deadman methods difficult, costly, and sometimes even impossible.  For example, one project in Naples had a housing structure built 5 feet from the water’s edge.  So getting access to repairing or adding a deadman would have required tearing down the building.

With the DSMS, they were able to complete the installation in a non-invasive manner by drilling through the wall from the water.  The helical anchor system acts like a big screw securing the wall into the landward soil.

Additionally, the system works great in freshwater applications.  Especially golf courses, where in order to install or repair the deadman, you often have to tear up that precious green!

For contractors and homeowners alike, I would definitely recommend checking out this system when you look at your next seawall job.

James Murphy

James Murphy

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James Murphy

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