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SlideMoor Is Now Available On Home Depot’s Website!

We here at SlideMoor are excited to announce that you can now purchase our Floating Dock Bracket (FDB) from Home Depot Online! Home Depot is one of the leading hardware and home improvement retailers in the world, and we are proud to have such a reputable company standing behind the SlideMoor name.

Our Floating Dock Bracket is built with patented SlideMoor technology that has been proven for over 18 years! The self-lubricating system glides smoothly along a secure aluminum track and is easily fixed to pilings or seawalls, providing a secure, long-lasting attachment system for your floating dock.

It truly is the evolution for securing floating docks and is a better alternative to using hoops, rollers, or any other mechanical attachments. Gone are the days of having to worry about hoops and rollers grinding away at your pilings!

The FDB can be mounted to the top or side of a residential or commercial floating dock. The system is available in three sizes: 12 inches for small docks; 18 inches for mid-sized docks; and 24 inches for large docks.

To learn more about our product click on the following link!


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