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SlideMoor is More Than Just a Docking System

Most folks think about SlideMoor as a very simple and effective way to secure a boat against a dock while autonomously compensating for tide and seaway conditions.  And it certainly does all of that very well.  But did you know that the SlideMoor system is considerably more versatile?

As a sailor at heart who is relegated to a powerboat lifestyle due to time constraints, I am well qualified to make the following observations.  The curvature of the hull on many sailboats is significant by design.  That rounded hull provides grace and stability while underway as well as additional space below decks.  But is also creates challenges while tying up to conventional docks.  Hence the need for all of those homemade, ungainly, and space consuming fender boards that sailors are relegated to deploy and stow while underway.

But there is a better way to protect those beautiful hulls and rub rails.  Why not use a single SlideMoor as a captive fender?  Installed on a piling adjacent to an amidships cleat, the SlideMoor acts just like a fender without the possibility of slipping out of place.  All the diligent sailor has to do is secure the bow and stern with single lines and the docking process is complete.

As with all SlideMoors, it automatically compensates for changes in water level while securely controlling the vessels lateral momentum. But as a captive fender, SlideMoor also holds the vessel snugly against the dock to make boarding and loading supplies easier and much safer.  And it is certainly easier to deploy than those bulky home made fender boards.

And if you’re lucky enough to cruise your vessel, why not consider a single SlideMoor featuring our exclusive Marina Installation Package (“MIP”)?  The MIP combines the advantages of single SlideMoor as a captive fender with the convenience of a removable band mounting system that would enable a cruiser to install and remove and reinstall the slide as you move from port to port.  Certainly much easier and more compact than fender boards.

I realize that old habits die hard within the sailing community.  But if you think about it logically, a captive fender is a sailor’s dream come true.  SlideMoor makes that dream a reality.  SlideMoor, more than just the best two point docking system in the world.

Think about it.

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