I hope you’ve had a wonderful month!

Mine has been good, but busy. I recently completed a project that spanned many weeks: co-organizing a community event. I think it turned out well, and I enjoyed it a lot. In theory, it was part-time work, yet it overwrote most of my other thoughts and activities in recent weeks. I found I didn’t mind that, although it’s one of several reasons that I have yet to get out on the water this year.

Did you get out on the water for Memorial Day Weekend? I was hopeful for good weather and the chance to relax and regroup – and to ponder, plan and set my sights on what may come next. While it would have been wonderful to get in a boat trip or go out of town, Memorial Day Weekend lures me to a favorite festival… so, my adventures on the water were limited to a short a short commute aboard our passenger-only Water Taxi.

My joy in personal accomplishment and in planning for the upcoming long weekend had been offset by some sadness and worry as the holiday began. The terror attack at the concert in Manchester – and, cumulatively, so many other incidents before it — is wrenching. My heart goes out to all who are affected.

Locally, we also had two shootings that have left me unnerved; one at a favorite beach on a warm evening, the other too close to home on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, such violence isn’t commonplace here. Still…

It alarms and angers me that the few always have the potential to adversely impact the lives of the many — to strike fear, overwhelm our thoughts, overwrite our plans, and shorten our stories.

In turn, I believe our response to such actions must be resistance to fear, as well as resilience and ultimately buoyancy. If we are able, we must be the ones who come together to adjust course and rewrite our own narratives. I’m heartened that we outnumber them, and that cumulatively our actions will have the greater impact.

So, yes, I did venture out into holiday crowds this weekend. I knew it would help to drive away worrisome news and fearful thoughts with music, laughter, and action…but I didn’t realize quite how much. I love this festival for its ability to create impromptu community, and for all of the incredible energy and good will it generates. I’m always hopeful of running into old friends, making new ones, and making new memories that will help carry me forward. I also hoped to catch some sea chanteys and sea songs this time. I was not disappointed!

I’ll leave you with this view of our Washington State ferry, taken from the water taxi yesterday morning.

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, too!

Karen Berge

Karen Berge

I enjoy living in Seattle, where boating opportunities abound. My goal is to take advantage of them all!
Karen Berge

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