Isn’t October Cool?

Where I live, seasonal changes are full upon us now. Whereas, when fall officially arrived last month, I was in denial that summer was ending; this past weekend, I dug out my warmer clothing and gear, a reluctant acknowledgement of the persistently cooler temps, foggy mornings, precipitation, breezes, and shorter days.

In my younger years, I viewed the cooler-weather months as something of an endurance test: bleak, boring, unpleasant and frustrating. As much as I still wish summer would last longer, I have since come to love this time of year, the run-up to winter and the resetting of the annual clock. I now savor the beauty of autumn, its sounds, and its rhythm – a little slower than the go-go-go action-packed days of summer, yet insistent, as winter soon approaches. Can’t say that I’ve warmed up to winter in quite the same way, but over time, I have managed to cultivate ways to stay warm and cozy, as well as find opportunities to make better use of the indoor down-time.

Fall can be a wonderful time to take classes, spend time with friends and family, or relax and catch up on reading or entertainment. On a practical note, I find it’s also worthwhile to take the time to tackle any lingering repairs, chores or maintenance projects that may not wait until spring. For home, vehicle or boat, it’s especially important to take the time to prepare (or restock/update) your emergency and first-aid kits in case of power outages, flooding, etc.

I don’t get out on the water much during the fall and winter, but do enjoy watching the wilder weather from the beach or the shore!

I also love to awaken on these October mornings to fog and the sound of foghorns. As long as it isn’t necessary to drive or navigate through it, I enjoy the sensual beauty of fog as it quietly forms and envelops the landscape, then later dissipates leaving no trace.

Fog and foghorns conjure up images of ghost ships, pirate ships and other mysteries on the water for me, but perhaps I am unduly influenced by the spooky, vivid assortment of Halloween decorations that abound this month, not to mention the real-life spiders!



Karen Berge

Karen Berge

I enjoy living in Seattle, where boating opportunities abound. My goal is to take advantage of them all!
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