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How to Maximize Your Marina’s Efficiency

Is your marina looking to increase its annual revenue?
Do you have docking constraints and unleasable, wasted space?
Are you tied up in knots adjusting lines and bumpers with tidal change, surge, wind, and wave activity?
Then the SlideMoor Boat Docking Systems are right for you!

Marina Advantages:
SlideMoor helps you to maximize your rental slips by allowing you to fit more boats in because they a tied tight to one side only and don’t need to be cross-tied or suspended. You can also take advantage of side tying to seawalls, creating new leasable spaces!

Another thought is to add that luxury floating dock or walkway your customers have been asking for with the SlideMoor Floating Dock Bracket. Our floating dock attachment system can easily be attached to existing pilings or even directly to seawalls.

With no permits necessary, no need to tend lines, no need for outer –tie pilings, and no need for bumpers or fenders, SlideMoor Boat docking systems can provide your clients with exceptional docking and afford your users peace of mind. Additionally one SlideMoor is great when used as a captive fender, keeping your boat tied tight and close to the dock.  And, if you are concerned about attaching the system to your pilings, please see the Marina Installation Package, specifically designed with user flexibility and piling preservation in mind.

What does all this mean?
We all know that the two ways to increase profitability are to decrease costs and/or increase revenue. SlideMoor may just be the boost your marina is looking for, not only differentiating your marina from the competition, but also offering the potential for great savings and new revenue.

The secret’s out! Other marinas, condo associations, and emergency responders are taking advantage of the many benefits the SlideMoor systems have to offer. Please contact a SlideMoor Specialist today at (239) 263-7044 to discuss your unique docking situation.

John D'Orazio

John D'Orazio

Executive Partner at SlideMoor
I am an avid boater, spearfisherman, and pilot. I have always had a strong love for the water and all of the beauty and mysteries the ocean contains.
John D'Orazio

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