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Gear Up on Hurricane Essentials During the 9 Day Florida Sales Tax holiday!

The Florida Department of Revenue is having a brief 9 day tax free holiday on hurricane supplies for Florida residents only! Hurricane essentials such as batteries, flashlights, and generators can now be purchased without the states hefty 6% sales tax!

What are the dates?
May 31 – June 8

What’s included?
Portable self-powered radio, two-way radio, or weather band radio
First-aid kits
Ground anchor systems/tie-down kits
Gas/diesel fuel tanks
Nonelectric coolers
Portable generator
Reusable ice

Who’s this for?
Florida residents

What about my state? 
Visit the 2014 State Sales Tax Holidays for all other states dates!

What about my boat?
Install SlideMoor! This system has survived dozens of major hurricanes, when all other docking systems failed. It is by far the safest and most proven system on the market. While SlideMoor doesn’t apply to the tax holiday, it a great way to save money by protecting your vessel!

Alert your loved ones and make sure your home and boat are protected this hurricane season!



SlideMoor is a simple yet ef­fective system that secures your boat tightly to a sliding bumper on one side only. SlideMoor has provided thousands of customers with satisfaction and peace of mind for 15 years!

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