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Customer Service – A Lost Art

Exactly when did we lose our right as consumers to expect good quality customer service?  I don’t mean the obscure counter at the local big box store with an overhead sign that says customer service. I am referring to the sincere act of genuinely serving customers.  It seems to have slipped away with other social graces such as politeness, consideration and thoughtfulness.  How sad.

Don’t think so?  Just go to any major retailer while seeking help.  Try your favorite home improvement giant on a Saturday morning.  You’ll find a bunch of orange aprons milling around the front desk with no one to be found in the plumbing or electrical isles.  And if that’s not frustrating enough, you are then expected to wait an unreasonable length of time at the single staffed check out line or are coerced into checking yourself out at a kiosk so they do not have to hire sufficient staff to take your money.  I’ll check myself out just as soon as they allow me to determine the price of the article I am purchasing.

And what ever happened to a simple “thank you for your purchase”?  It seems to have been replaced with a circle drawn on a 12” long register receipt encouraging you to take an online survey.  As if anyone would respond in cyberspace to a customer complaint.  No doubt about it, customer service is a lost art form.

However, this realty can be capitalized upon by the savvy organization that recognizes the need to serve their customers in a more courteous manner.  SlideMoor Docking Systems is just such an organization.

At SlideMoor, we never lose sight of the reason for our existence.  For without customers, there would be no reason for SlideMoor (or almost any other company) to exist.  Our policy is quite simple.  Treat the customer in the same manner that you would want to be treated.  Give them time to express their concerns.  Remain positive and courteous at all times.  And above all, resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction and be sure to say thank you regardless of the outcome.

This philosophy continues to make SlideMoor a very customer friendly place to do business.  And is just another advantage that sets us apart from our competition.  Not really rocket science.  But in today’s marketplace, you only need to be just slightly better to appear light years ahead of your competition regarding something as simple and basic as good customer service.

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