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Can’t Miss with Fresh Fish!



SlideMoor is a simple yet ef­fective system that secures your boat tightly to a sliding bumper on one side only. SlideMoor has provided thousands of customers with satisfaction and peace of mind for 15 years!

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You’ve put so much thought and effort into launching your boat, and casting your line. Now that you’ve caught a stringer full of fish, what are you going to do with this wonderful stuff? Continue reading

Start with Starters When Dining Aboard Your Boat - SlideMoor Blog

Start with Starters When Dining Aboard Your Boat

Entertaining aboard your boat can be simple and classy at the same time. Dropping anchor and digging in the galley for an orphaned bag of chips or your kid’s goldfish crackers can be a thing of the past. Whether you are hosting friends or enjoying time with family, keeping a few basics in the galley will allow you whip up tasty appetizers or tapas to serve along side cold beer and wine. Several of these items can be stocked at the beginning of your boating season and left aboard, ready at a moments notice. Continue reading