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About SlideMoor

SlideMoor is a simple yet ef­fective system that secures your boat tightly to a sliding bumper on one side only. SlideMoor has provided thousands of customers with satisfaction and peace of mind for 15 years!


Picking the Perfect Paddles for Your Dinghy

You’ve taken the time to study up on the perfect dinghy for your boat. You’ve even shopped until you’ve dropped to obtain said dinghy. It will perform every conceivable errand you have in mind, and do a great job-but, what about the paddle to propel it with? Continue reading


Shallow Water Boating

While the sound of a hearty “crunch” may be a wonderful thing when you’re enjoying your morning breakfast cereal, a hearty “crunch” from underneath your boat is a bad thing–a very bad thing indeed. The damage from running aground in shallow water can not only ruin your boat outing, it can also put a significant dent in your wallet. Continue reading


Choosing the Best Anchor for You

There are almost as many anchors out there as there are differing situations for which they’re best suited. There are hundreds of opinions and thousands of words written about the subject. For the sake of brevity we’ll just cover the basics and not make your head spin right off the bat! Continue reading

Don’t Let the Choices Make You Dinghy

When it comes to sailing and cruising, most boaters put in a lot of time and effort finding just the right vessel that will fit the needs of their family and friends. The dreaming, planning and anticipation of finding the perfect boat is arguably the most exciting part of the process. However, when it comes to finding the perfect dinghy, well………….that tends to fall under the “stuff you have to have” category. It’s very important, very practical and fairly boring. Continue reading


Underwater Views Without Getting Wet

If you live in North America this time of year, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re, at least, slightly chilly. For those of us who live closer to Canada than Mexico, it’s darn chilly. Bleak, cold, short days in the winter can leave you hankering for some warm weather fun.  Continue reading


Don’t Transport Hitchhikers

It’s everyone’s job to prevent the spread of invasive species, but the boating community has a special responsibility. These plants and animals can invade a new ecosystem in an amazingly short amount of time because the new ecosystem may offer no natural predators for the critters hitchhiking a ride on your boat. The incoming species wreaks havoc by bringing in disease, by consuming native species, and creating competition for resources. Continue reading


Boat Rental Bonanza

Summer is here and the urge to be out on the water in a boat is overwhelming. But what if you don’t have a boat? You don’t even have a friend or a relative with a boat. In the past, your only options were to save up and buy your own boat, rent a boat from a pricey marina, or just sit and cry. Now there’s a new option: rent a boat from the boat’s owner.

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How to Play in the Water Chicago Style

How to Play in the Water Chicago Style

When you think of fun in the sun and boating, Lake Michigan probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But when you have a city of over 2,700,000 people next to a lake that has 22,394 square miles and the sun starts shining, fun things are bound to happen. Continue reading

Marina Etiquette

Good Manners Matter–Marina Etiquette

The world just works better when everyone uses a little common sense and consideration. That’s why we have protocols, etiquette and customs. If everyone’s on the same page, the majority of the people can be happy. And if not happy, at least not inconvenienced or annoyed. Continue reading


Cheating On Your Boat! Say It Isn’t So!

For some of us, boating is an exclusive relationship. We’re simply in love with one type of boating, or perhaps one type of boat. We stay with our love through thick and thin, and are never tempted. The rest of us though, may have a wandering eye. We may have a little something going on the side. Some of us may even be serial cheaters.

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Autumn: A Time for Smooth Sailing

Many recreational boaters think that the back to school season is a signal that another summer has passed them by. With gloomy expressions, they face the unhappy task of winterizing and storing the boat for one more year. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all! Continue reading

Get on Board with Boating Education 1

Get on Board with Boating Safety Education

Do you know which states require the successful completion of a boating safety course? Several states require that an operator 18 years old and under complete a boating safety course. The state of Alabama requires that all operators born after April 28, 1954 have a valid certificate of successful completion of an Alabama Marine Police Division-approved safe boating course to obtain a boating license. Continue reading

Sailorman Booth - Dania Beach Marine Flea Market

SlideMoor at the Dania Beach Marine Flea Market

SlideMoor has been at the Dania Beach Marine Flea Market with Sailorman, “The Worlds Largest New and Used Marine Supplies and Equipment Store”, which has been serving the boating community since 1975. Chuck the owner said, “Been doing this since the first one and always see the same people, obviously they are older, but they are always here.”

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SlideMoor Koozie

SlideMoor at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show

Please come see us at the Miami International Boat Show, February 12-16, 2015, in the Outdoor Accessory Tent, Booth 4255, 1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach. We will be happy to answer any questions you have on SlideMoor, voted docking product of the decade by Sail Magazine!

Place your order at the Miami International Boat Show and receive free shipping (up to $200) and a $100 paid Visa card to spend as you like. Also available is an upgrade from nylon to stainless cleats. Not to mention we are giving away sunglasses, ChapStick, koozies and more!

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SlideMoor Marina Installation Package 1

Can’t Bolt Install SlideMoor? No Problem!

Marinas typically won’t allow you to alter their pilings in any way. Fortunately, we’ve found a way for our marina friends to install SlideMoor. The Marina Installation Package (“MIP”) is a great alternative to bolting the track to the piling, and it provides the same strength as the traditional attachment method! Continue reading

Taylor Shellfish Floating Dock on SlideMoor 1

Taylor Shellfish Secures 167′ Floating Oyster Farm With 22 SlideMoors!

The largest producer of farmed shellfish in the United States, Taylor Shellfish, places their trust in SlideMoor to secure their state of the art nursery system. Their 167′ floating oyster farm in Humboldt Bay, California is safely anchored to a pier using the SlideMoor systems! Continue reading

SlideMoor Blog 189

Spanish SlideMoor Boat Docking Opportunities

Last week our team attended the Discovering Opportunities in the Spanish Boating Market 2014 webinar put on by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). The webinar put the emerging Spanish boating market on the map for boating industry companies who are interested in further developing their businesses. This got us thinking about our Spanish users here in the U.S. and how we can better service them. We decided to have our webpages professionally optimized into Spanish so that our Spanish friends can learn about the wonderful SlideMoor systems! Continue reading


The Top Houseboat Docking System

Living aboard a houseboat is quite the joyful experience. Breathtaking views matched with the freedom of having the ability to easily move make it seem like living on a houseboat is the only way to live. The one drawback however is the lack of trust houseboat owners place in their docking lines and attachment methods. Continue reading

Gear up on hurricane essentials during the 9 day Florida sales tax holiday! - SlideMoor Blog

Gear Up on Hurricane Essentials During the 9 Day Florida Sales Tax holiday!

The Florida Department of Revenue is having a brief 9 day tax free holiday on hurricane supplies for Florida residents only! Hurricane essentials such as batteries, flashlights, and generators can now be purchased without the states hefty 6% sales tax! Continue reading

SlideMoor Video Testimonial

“Best Thing I’ve Ever Done for My Boat!”

This years Miami International Boat Show was nothing short of spectacular! We came away with a record number of leads and found the interest in SlideMoor to be almost overwhelming. What is always the best part of the boat shows is seeing the dozens of happy customers come up to our booth and rave about the system. SlideMoor has helped them tremendously by eliminating the unnecessary stress of docking, and we’re thrilled to know that. Enough talking. See for yourself right now! Continue reading

Fast Response Boat Docking System!

Fast Response Boat Docking System

SlideMoor is currently being used by Collier County Sheriff boats, USCG boats, and Firefighter boats because their jobs demand a quick response time. They rely on SlideMoor because it’s the fastest, easiest, and safest boat docking system on the market. Continue reading


Happy SlideMoor Customer Review!

With the addition of SlideMoor, discover how Tom gains safer access to his boat, despite his physical disability. Hear all the wonderful things he has to say about the SlideMoor system and how it makes getting on and off the boat very easy! Continue reading