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I enjoy living in Seattle, where boating opportunities abound. My goal is to take advantage of them all!


Gone, But Not Forgotten: Summer Days On The Lake!

One of my good friends hosts a Lake Party for friends and family each summer. Over the recent Labor Day holiday weekend, I attended the 18th one, and realized that I haven’t missed many. These gatherings are wonderful and usually memorable. This year’s, will probably be tagged and remembered as the year we were ‘thunderstruck’, as an unanticipated lightning storm ended the gathering early. We might have tried to wait it out, but took our lesson from a previous year’s Lake Party. That year, it began to rain and the rain-became-a-downpour-became-a-monsoon that ended up lasting for hours. We have a pretty high tolerance for rain here in the Seattle area, but not much tolerance for soggy food, or charred food, so…lesson learned. Continue reading


Out on the water? Watch for princesses, ducks and amphibians!

I mentioned in my last post that I had the chance to cross the English Channel aboard the Hovercraft, Princess Anne, shortly before she was retired from service in October 2000. When you read that, were you curious to learn more, find a visual or a video? Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Plans? Let’s Pack the Boat!

Do you take vacations or travel long distances in your boat? Or, are you dragged away from the water to other (so-called) vacation activities? If this latter scenario is your situation, you might see if you can negotiate a boat trip or two in your itinerary once you arrive at your destination. Continue reading

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Are You Connected To Your Boat?

Seriously, are you connected to your boat?

Have you ever considered that some people may view your boat (whether a canoe or a yacht) as an opportunity for their own personal gain?  No, I don’t mean obscure “friends” and long-lost relatives who want to spend time out on the water with you (or without you). Rather, I’m referring to those with a criminal mindset, who may see your boat and your boating accessories as lucrative items to steal. Continue reading

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“A Look Below The Surface, Fishing For Answers…”

I think that boaters, divers and others who are able to spend time on or in the water are lucky for many reasons, but especially because we have the opportunity to see nature very close up, very vividly.

For the most part, this vividness is a good thing. You can see and experience a variety of interesting and beautiful things – sea life, shore birds and marine mammals, to name a few. The downside is that you may also have a close-up view to pollution, debris, death and decay. And, unfortunately, sometimes these two are inseparable, intertwined.

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Dive Into Summer Adventures!

Warm sunny days…really, what could be better than a day on, in, or at the water? No doubt, there are as many opinions and perspectives on what makes that a perfect experience as there are people! Whatever those details, most of you could perhaps agree that exploring a new place can make for a great adventure.

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Make 2015 A Great Year – Fill It With Boating Activities!

Early each year, ideally in January, I make plans and look for events and activities to add to my calendar. During the winter months, when the weather might not be ideal for boating, you can still find boating-related activities. Here are a few suggestions from my list to get the year off to a great start.

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Curious about the big vessels around you? Here are some ways to learn more!

One of the things I love about being on or near the water is seeing the incredible variety of traffic. I enjoy all of it, but often wonder about some of the larger or more unusual vessels. Where are they from? Where are they heading? Continue reading