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I enjoy living in Seattle, where boating opportunities abound. My goal is to take advantage of them all!


Scenes From The 2018 Seattle Boat Show

I sense that for many of us this winter may have begun to seem tedious and endless by now – reminiscent of that mid-point in a long tunnel, the beginning and the end nowhere in sight or barely discernable. Continue reading


Shall We Stay Awake or Hibernate?

Life continually presents us with choices. As I viewed news and weather maps from across the U.S. last week, I was very tempted to hibernate…although, that choice might have lacked some credibility since I’m in the Pacific Northwest. Only our windshields were frosted over in the early mornings. Whereas, scenes from the east coast – waves frozen in mid-arc, boats trapped in ice, impassable (or should I say, impossible?) streets, frozen and ruptured pipes, looming icicle daggers, and the many captive travelers in limbo at airports – offered much more overwhelming evidence to support that latter choice. Then, there were the horrific mudslides in California – a reminder that warmer temperatures don’t always correlate to pleasant conditions. Continue reading


Do You Live Dangerously?

I suspect that some of the more sporting and adventurous among us would say yes, and perhaps flash back to long or solo voyages, or thrill-seeking activities on the water such as running difficult rapids. Some of the gentler souls among us might answer no, reflecting on a love of fishing, kayaking, or more quiet recreation. Most likely, many of us could answer that question either way. Perhaps we all take, or have taken, risks at various times in our lives. Continue reading


Have You Planned For Unwelcome Visitors…Such As Hurricanes?

Summer and the month of September are now in our wake. I hope that you were able to make the most of them, get out on the water, and that your days were full of more joy than stress. Continue reading

BC sunsets - 2002

Summer Sunsets

I’m writing this on September 11th, windows open to perfect weather here in Seattle. Those who love warmth (such as me!) and those who don’t (what can I say about them?), might agree that it doesn’t get much better than today’s sunshine, 70 to 75 degree temperatures, light breeze and clear blue skies. Continue reading

1985 - August 17 - Lake Roesiger312

Staying Chill This Summer?

Summer weather here in Seattle offers almost endless possibilities – variations on boating, of course – as well as many other outdoor activities. More people are out and about on the water and on the beaches: tourists and other visitors, little kids and older students on break from school, and many locals who “stay-cation.” It’s a busy, interesting and vibrant scene. I enjoy the plethora of sights, sounds, experiences, and insights. Continue reading



This photo, taken a couple of years ago, might just as easily have been captured this week – that is, if I took advantage of a “sunbreak.” Blue skies and nicer weather seem about to prevail, yet are sporadic and short-lived at the moment. Feisty, tumultuous clouds still take parting shots and pelt us with rain, wind, or hail as they defiantly give way. Our tulips and other spring flowers are tattered, but standing. Continue reading



My experience has been that travel – especially, to places far different than home — broadens my perspective. One might assume that would be the case for everyone; then again, travel itself has taught me that things are not always what they seem. Ironically, some perceived universal truths aren’t necessarily universal. We each have different ways of viewing, interpreting and reacting to things that happen based on our experiences and our understanding of what we’ve learned. Continue reading


Late Winter Musings…on People, Passions, Pirates, and Podcasts

I’m fascinated and inspired, and sometimes a bit jealous, of those who can get away for long adventures or take epic voyages. Their stories, photos, and insights sometimes prompt additions to my own bucket list. Continue reading


Fleeting Thoughts

Out on the water, at any one point in time, you’ll see a few boats that appear to be stationary or drifting. Perhaps, they are fishing? Perhaps, they are taking a break? Perhaps they’ve dropped anchor or have paused for some other reason. Continue reading


Boating Season Wrap-Up: Memories and Takeaways From This Summer!

As summer winds down, at least on our calendars, I love to reflect on the best parts. I think about what I will remember and would most like to carry with me into the future from these recent, seemingly fleeting, weeks and months. Continue reading

1997 - Norway - Sognefjord

Fishing Lessons

My father fished commercially as those of you who read this blog regularly may recall. As well, he fished for pleasure starting at a young age. He didn’t have to go very far to find water, as he grew up on a hillside farm in Norway. It was positioned between high mountain lakes above, and Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord, below. The family farm also had a hidden “fishing hole” that was fed by a mountain creek. My father told of learning to swim in the fishing hole: as a very small child, his older brothers tossed him in and left him to figure it out. Fortunately, he did. Continue reading


On Adventure, Innovation, and Spring Cleaning…

Fresh spring weather is here and with it some exciting boating-related news and activities – ahead of Opening Day. Several seemingly unrelated stories caught my interest and imagination in recent weeks. Continue reading

Passages Blog Post


During these winter weekends and evenings, I’ve been navigating though some of my rainy-day projects. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to finish digitizing my photo albums, some of which belonged to my parents. The oldest photographs date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They showcase very different times. Continue reading

Reflections On Fiery Endings and New Beginnings SM Blog Post

Reflections On Fiery Endings and New Beginnings

Happy New Year! The year’s end and the ringing in of 2016 were cause for celebration, as well as reflection for me, and hopefully for you as well. I enjoyed seeing stories and video from cities around the world as they welcomed this new year. I have also enjoyed reading, hearing or watching insightful stories with ideas and observations about ways to make this new year a better one — by tackling persistent problems, by making daunting projects into more manageable tasks, and, and, and, and… Continue reading


To A Remarkable Year!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this week marked the first official day of winter, also the shortest day of the year. I am always glad to see the days grow longer again, in contrast to the weather growing colder. The Christmas holidays now quickly follow; full of traditions, gatherings, and (boating-related?) gifts for many of us. Next week, most of us will reflect on endings and celebrate beginnings, as we close out 2015 and welcome 2016. Continue reading



This past week, a story in our local business journal caught my eye. It focused on our area’s aging fishing fleet and the launch of a much-needed new commercial fishing vessel, the first of its type in North America. The story is interesting and thought-provoking in many respects, but it also had the unintended consequence of taking me back in time. Fortunately, I enjoy time travel, as you may recall. Continue reading


Teachable Moments! When Water Isn’t Your Friend…

Did you see the video clip on the news this week of the Australian teenager in a kayak going through a drive-thru at a flooded fast-food restaurant? It’s generated smiles and laughter, not to mention lots of views. Perhaps, it’s even inspired or eliminated worry for fast-foodies who live in areas which flood.  Continue reading


Are You At Home On The Water?

Have you ever wished you could just live on the water? I’m sure that most, if not all of us here, have thought about it at some point. Was yours a fleeting thought after a great day on a boat, which then dissipated quickly once thoughts of seasonal storms and inclement weather intruded? Did you perhaps let the idea float on by because your current responsibilities made it seem impractical or self-indulgent? Or, are you one of the people who feel or felt something stronger, an insistent pull towards the water – and took, or are planning to take, action? Continue reading


Isn’t October Cool?

Where I live, seasonal changes are full upon us now. Whereas, when fall officially arrived last month, I was in denial that summer was ending; this past weekend, I dug out my warmer clothing and gear, a reluctant acknowledgement of the persistently cooler temps, foggy mornings, precipitation, breezes, and shorter days. Continue reading