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I am an avid boater, spearfisherman, and pilot. I have always had a strong love for the water and all of the beauty and mysteries the ocean contains.

WT Cobia Naples Spearfishing

Naples Spearfishing

One of my favorite hobbies is spearfishing while freediving. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you’re multiple stories under the water searching for that prized fish. Keeping calm while having surges of adrenaline makes for an intense experience to say the least. For those freedivers out there I don’t need to say anymore, but for those unfamiliar with the sport, please see my post on freediving here!

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SlideMoor Blog - Dolphin Experience

5 Steps to Have a Magical Dolphin Experience!

Being a lifelong boater and diver, I have had some truly incredible marine wildlife experiences. Still, to this day, one of my favorite things is to interact with dolphins in the wild. While cruising on your boat next time, if you spot a pod of dolphins, follow these steps and get the camera out for what can be a magical experience.  Continue reading

How to Maximize Your Marina's Efficiency - SlideMoor Blog

How to Maximize Your Marina’s Efficiency

Is your marina looking to increase its annual revenue?
Do you have docking constraints and unleasable, wasted space?
Are you tied up in knots adjusting lines and bumpers with tidal change, surge, wind, and wave activity?
Then the SlideMoor Boat Docking Systems are right for you! Continue reading

SlideMoor Blog 188 - Fender Board Alternative

The Best Fender Board Alternative

Too often, I see boaters looking for better mooring solutions wondering what, if anything out there will properly secure their boat. Having heard of a few do-it-yourself solutions, you eventually ask yourself, “What are fender boards and are they right for me?” Continue reading

What is Freediving? | SlideMoor Blog

What is Freediving?

Freediving is the sport of underwater diving without the use of a breathing apparatus. Divers hold their breath, descend into the water, explore, and ascend back to the surface each dive. It is a freeing and peaceful activity that affords divers the many pleasures of an up close experience of marine life. Continue reading

Striking Surge in the Boating Industry!

Striking Surge in the Boating Industry!

As the first half of our Boat Show season is winding down, I thought I would share my observations on the current state of the industry. In general, the outlook for the marine industry is positive. Consumers are buying, and the Boating Industry Research and Markets expects an 8.5 percent compounded annual growth over the next four years for the global marine market. Quite the projected growth! Continue reading

SlideMoor Blog - Lionfish

The Beautiful Terror: Lionfish

Lionfish are one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean, and yet, they are one of the biggest aquatic problems for Florida. Native to the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, lionfish have invaded Florida waters. It is thought that this invasive species was first introduced into our waters in 1985. Aquarium releases of the fish into the wild after they dominated and overpopulated their tanks were the most likely source of the fish. Hmm I guess they didn’t take a second to think if the Florida reefs would fair the same. Continue reading

Additional Treatment for Defogging Your Mask

Additional Treatment for Defogging Your Mask

It’s a good practice to defog your dive mask before each dive to ensure optimal diving and visibility. Here are a couple of methods to further prevent fogging after pre-treating your mask. Please remember that each of these applications should be done on a dry mask. Continue reading

How to Defog Your Mask - SlideMoor Blog

How to Defog Your Dive Mask

One of the most frustrating things when diving is dealing with a foggy mask. And a foggy mask is a quick way to ruin a perfectly good day. When Mother Nature offers conditions in your favor, a foggy mask shouldn’t hold you back. That’s why I’m always looking for good tips and tricks to remedy this problem. Continue reading

Spearfishing SlideMoor Blog

“What it Feels Like to Shoot Your Friend to Save His Life”

If you are looking for one of the best spearfishing blogs out there, you have to check out Cameron Kirkconnell’s Spearblog. I have been following Cameron’s adventures for some time now and he is one of the greatest spearfishermen of today. He travels the world setting record after record, most done on a pole spear, and he is one of the most entertaining and informative divers I have seen. Continue reading


Gag, Black, or Goliath Grouper

While there are over 10 different types of grouper out there, the three most commonly seen grouper in the Gulf of Mexico are the Gag, Black, and Goliath grouper. If you are doing any type of spearfishing for keep, it is critical that you know the difference between these commonly mistaken grouper, especially because one is illegal to keep, and another has a restricted harvest. Continue reading