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I have been in the marine business since 1974. I have a BSEE from Northeastern University, specializing in Marine Sciences Instrumentation. I've been an active offshore sailor for most of my adult life having sailed a couple of Whitbread legs and way too many Bermuda races to mention!

3 Ways to Maintain Boat Safety During a Storm - SlideMoor Blog

3 Ways to Maintain Boat Safety During a Storm

A tropical storm is brewing in the West Atlantic and it’s headed straight for Florida. What are your options? First you better have a hurricane plan in place long before any storm shows itself on the maps. Small boats should be hauled out and taken to a place of refuge. Preferably someplace high and dry! What if you can’t haul it out or don’t have any place to take the boat if you could? You have three options. Continue reading

The Joys of Docking a Boat

The Joys of Docking a Boat

Docking any boat can be at the best of times, problematical. If there is no one on the dock to catch your lines, you are left to your own devices, and your wife’s athletic ability. (Hopefully you will have a crewman on board that recently worked at the Cirque du Soleil, and is an accomplished aerialist.) Continue reading

5 Tips for Preparing Your Boat for Bad Weather | SlideMoor Blog

5 Tips for Preparing Your Boat for Bad Weather

Last week saw some of the most violent storms ever recorded in the Deep South. Some areas in Alabama and Florida actually received over 21 inches of rain in 24 hours! Boats that were tied off to their docks in some cases fared better than those stored on boatlifts. The rain came so fast and hard that deck drains couldn’t keep up. The result? Continue reading

7 Popular Nautical Terms Explained | SlideMoor Blog

7 Popular Nautical Terms Explained

Wharf Rat: (Iidem decanus et murem) – Mammalian life form usually with 4 legs, pointed snout, beady eyes, and a long tail. However, two-legged varieties have been reported in and around establishments that serve alcoholic beverages near waterfront piers, wharves, and docks. The breeding habits of the two-legged variety are suspect at best. They most often can be observed after midnight or at closing time searching for a mate. Continue reading

What to Do When Asked to Tow a Boat - SlideMoor Blog

What to Do When Asked to Tow a Boat

At some point we will all be asked to tow a broken down boat back to its mooring. Never, and I mean never accept a line from the vessel you are asked to tow. When you accept a line from another boat you are accepting responsibility for that boat. Heave them your line and get them to accept it. They are now the ones accepting responsibility. Continue reading

A Trick to Bottom Painting Your Boat

A Trick to Bottom Painting Your Boat

We all know that the modern formulations in boat bottom paint are great for the environment, but not so great at keeping marine growth off the boats hull. It seems that these little creatures will find a nesting spot wherever the brush misses its mark or the application is too thin. Continue reading

The Sailboat Infestation Continues! - SlideMoor Blog

The Sailboat Infestation Continues!

Last week I talked about the dreaded polyester mite. However, I forgot to include its brother – the insidious Vinylester Mite. This mite is a far worse scourge than its brother. Unfortunately there is no known cure or remedy for this infectious bug. Continue reading

The Dreaded Sailboat Infestation!

The Dreaded Sailboat Infestation!

This week we will discuss a strange little creature that infests boats. We all know how mold and rot are related. But did you know about other creatures that lurk in the shadows of the bilge, behind the galley stove and in the head? Yes, it’s the dreaded Polyester Mite otherwise known as Polyesteratum Miteism. This insidious creature has been known to dissolve and ingest fiberglass, leaving a fine white powder as a by-product. Continue reading

Tips on Sailboat Electrical Maintenance SlideMoor Blog

Tips on Sailboat Electrical Maintenance

Sailboats have an especially high incidence of electrical terminal corrosion at the mast step. Some professionals advocate making up all wire-to-wire connections in a waterproof plastic box. I personally disagree, as there is really no such thing as a totally waterproof enclosure. They all leak at some point and the internal splices or terminal connections do end up corroding.  Continue reading

SlideMoor Blog

The Evolution of Boat Docking

Strange as it may seem, I’m going to actually write about SlideMoor this week! I am quite serious when I say that boat docking hasn’t changed since the first reed boat was floated on some long forgotten river in a distant past. Every aspect of marine technology has sort of kept pace with the times, with the exception of how people dock boats. Continue reading

A Midnight Sailing Mystery Guest - SlideMoor Blog

A Midnight Sailing Mystery Guest

I love sailing offshore at night under the stars. It’s quiet and very serene. Other than getting wacked by the occasional flying fish, sometimes you see things that defy the imagination. On one particular voyage, we were about 200 miles out of Bermuda. With the autopilot on, we were sitting on the starboard side having a cup of coffee enjoying the panorama that is the Milky Way. Continue reading

Sailing Trick to Calculate Set and Drift! - SlideMoor Blog

Sailing Trick to Calculate Set and Drift!

How many times have you set a heading to a distant turning mark only to find that the closer you get, the further off the rhumb line you are? This trick requires a chart, or full sheet of paper. Draw the rhumb line course to the mark, noting the compass heading. Continue reading

Boating Industry on the Rise

Boating Industry on the Rise

The economy is definitely on the upswing. How do I know that? You can tell from the activity at the recent 2014 Miami International Boat Show. It was jammed for almost the entire 5 days. What was telling was the number of South Americans from Brazil, Columbia, and Venezuela that attended the show. European boating enthusiasts from all over were also in attendance. But the most telling fact of all was that the sub-contractors are back in the market. Continue reading

GPS Revitalizes Ancient Boating Navigation

GPS Revitalizes Ancient Boating Navigation

While LORAN receivers were becoming more reliable and accurate, a new generation of boat navigation equipment was beginning to show up on the market. Satellite Navigation (Satnav) was the first truly long-range navigation device that worked globally. While LORAN had an effective range of only a few hundred miles off shore, Satnav was international and required no special printing on marine or avionics charts. The principles are the same, except that Satnav and GPS are essentially very sophisticated clocks that broadcast time. Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide to LORAN Boat Navigation

Beginner’s Guide to LORAN Boat Navigation

The next step in navigation systems evolution was Long Range Navigation (LORAN). Beginning in the early seventies LORAN-A was the most advanced short to intermediate range position identification system on the market, and was used by both the military and civilian marketplace. The problem was it was difficult to use so it was eventually was replaced with LORAN-C, which automated the position location process. Continue reading

Evolution of Boating Navigation

The Evolution of Boating Navigation

I’ve been asked to get serious again so here goes. In previous epistles I’ve talked about everything from installing boat cleats to being over served after a Bermuda race. So it’s time to get back to the practical side of things, navigation. Continue reading

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A Fun Activity that Energizes Dull Sailing

We all know that sailors, especially racing sailors, tend to be just a bit strange if not downright nuts. After all, who in their right mind wants to sail around the ocean always cold and wet, forget about the bad food or lack thereof. In addition, the lack of suitable adult beverages for an extended duration can also lead to problems such as loss of sleep, decreased concentration, and a complete absence of a sense of humor. One solution to dealing with these issues is using something called a funnellator. Continue reading

Tips on Winterizing a Boats Fresh Water System

A Trick to Winterizing Your Boats Fresh Water System

We don’t have to do this in Florida fortunately, but nonetheless here’s a little tip. Don’t use antifreeze in the fresh water system no matter what anyone tells you. It’s propylene glycol and it’s not safe for consumption by man nor beast. No matter how many times you flush the tank. Continue reading

The Best Way to Bottom Paint Your Boat

The Best Way to Bottom Paint a Boat!

I can’t think of a filthier job than prepping the hull of a boat for bottom paint. It’s a dirty, smelly job that can make you sick if you’re not careful. For starters you should use a full-face respirator and not just the 3M facemasks. Gel coat dust gets into everything and those cheapie masks won’t protect your lungs properly. Continue reading


How to Sail the North Cut at Night

For those who have sailed the Northern Abacos, a side trip to Man-O-War Cay is always on the hit list. A word of caution is don’t run the north cut at night. Sailing weather in November can be spectacular. Bright blue skies, a Northwest by North wind, and big following seas makes for a heck of a ride. Continue reading


Innovation in the Boating Industry

Last weeks post was a little grim so back to the main topic. Boats, or as we say in the trade “Break Out Another Thousand.” Boating has grown exponentially over the last 40 years. What was a sport for the rich is now accessible to a much wider population. The technology has gone literally into outer space. We’ve come far in how we navigate. Continue reading


Living Through the JFK Tragedy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about meeting Walter Cronkite and how he “waxed my tail” playing cribbage. With that in mind, I thought this week I’d get a little nostalgic and write about what it was like to be 16, and living through the JFK tragedy. Many of my friends got together online last Friday to remember JFK and to recount where we all were. Continue reading


Don’t Ignore a Green Radar Screen

The trip from Marblehead to the Northern Abacos can be a fun time, except when you are trying to cross the gulfstream with NW winds blowing over 30. The sea state was chaotic with a short wave period so we were getting pretty beaten up for about 2 days. I sent the crew below to dry off and get some rest. Continue reading


Playing Cribbage with Walter Cronkite

Owning a service facility in Marblehead meant you were busy 24/7 from March until October. You never know who would find at the dock during the day. On one particular morning our service manager came running into the office stuttering as he went. It’s Walter he shouted. “Walter who” I asked. “You know the news guy”, he said. It was Walter Cronkite on his way Continue reading

Humpback Whale

Caught in the Middle of a Humpback Whale Feeding Frenzy!

Sailing the coast of Maine in October has to be one of the most enjoyable times you can experience. Cool days, cool nights, and bright blue skies frame a green shoreline. On one particular trip from Southwest Harbor to Edgartown we invited our advertising agent Scotty, who hailed from Little Rock, to go on the cruise. Since he’d never been on a big sail boat, let alone on the ocean, he jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading

How to Install the Strongest Boat Cleat

Someone once said, “you can’t have too many boat cleats.” Well if they didn’t say it, they probably should have. There are basically two types of boat cleats, “pop-up” and “surface mount.” The surface mount is the easier install, however, both require installing a backing block under the deck at the location of the new boat cleat. Continue reading


Sailing Marion to Bermuda While Sea Sick

For openers, the Marion Bermuda race is a cruisers dream, or nightmare depending on your point of view.  Compared to the start of the Newport/Bermuda race, the Marion start is low key, if not somber.  One year in particular, we were sailing a Mason 44 cutter rig, which is not the best boat to sail, but a great off shore boat. One word of caution when sitting to leeward, stay clear of the diesel vent tube when you’re on the rail. Continue reading

Boat Cleat

The Ultimate Guide for Exceptional Varnishing Results!

With the proliferation of different finishes on the market, it seems that varnish has lost some of its luster – no pun intended. For those traditionalists, there is nothing prettier than a properly varnished surface. And not the rubbed effect either. I’m talking the type of finish that you can shave in and looks like you could put your hand in it. Getting this level of finish is not for Continue reading


Why You Shouldn’t Go Sailing with Crazy Austrailians

I’ve sailed almost every ocean in the world where most of the time the only threats to life and limb are too much adult beveraging and the weather. I still don’t know what’s worse, a rum squall or a noreaster – they both do damage. Having said that I have to add sailing with crazy Australians to the list of things I will never do again. During one of my trips to Taiwan Continue reading

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All-Weather Docking Solution

I’m sitting at the yacht club bar one afternoon having an adult beverage with two friends waiting out a storm when all of a sudden the wind starts to blow harder and harder. My two friends jump up, and rush down the dock to adjust their lines, while I sit fat, dumb, and happy. The bartender comes over and asks Continue reading