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I've lived on the water for most of my life. I have an affinity for all things revolving around the ocean. Recently, my aim has been set on the thrills of spearfishing!

The 2014 Gene Doyle Fishing Tournament - SlideMoor Sponsorship!

The 2014 Gene Doyle Fishing Tournament – SlideMoor Sponsorship!

SlideMoor is happy to announce sponsorship in the Gene Doyle fishing tournament for 2014! We are sponsoring Dylan Ward and Michael in the tournament within the open divisions. Dylan and Michael will be handcrafting custom fishing rods for donation to the auction. Continue reading

Fishing the Gene Doyle: Lifelong Memories

Fishing the Gene Doyle: Lifelong Memories

I will never forget the morning of the first Gene Doyle fishing tournament. We had a sleep over at my house so we could get out early the next morning. I couldn’t sleep at all I was so excited. We were up at probably about 4 am to re-check the knots, backup leaders, hooks, jigs, and cast-net. Continue reading


Spearfishing for Snapper

Let’s get this out of the way first; I’m talking about free-diving.  That’s the real sport in spearfishing; pushing yourself to the limit each dive and battling nature on one breath.   Not SCUBA.  Check out my comparison commentary HERE Continue reading

Blog shot free-diving vs SCUBA

Spearfishing: Free-Diving vs. SCUBA Diving

There are two very different types of pastimes that fall under the name “spearfishing.”  But lets be clear on some of the differences so we don’t get them confused.

SCUBA Diving
Spearfishing with SCUBA consists of strapping on a tank and a whole bunch of other gear, going down under the water for an hour, and slowly moving around looking for unsuspecting fish to come in your range. SCUBA is largely about being able to aim your gun when you happen to cross paths with the right fish. Continue reading