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Customer Service – A Lost Art

Exactly when did we lose our right as consumers to expect good quality customer service?  I don’t mean the obscure counter at the local big box store with an overhead sign that says customer service. I am referring to the sincere act of genuinely serving customers.  It seems to have slipped away with other social graces such as politeness, consideration and thoughtfulness.  How sad. Continue reading

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Boating – A Case Study in Human Behavior

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a local weekend boat show, not as an avid boater but rather as an advocate of SlideMoor Docking Systems.  I have been drawn to many boat shows over the years at numerous venues for no better reason than to satisfy my own curiosity about what’s new in the world of boating and what I could not live without.  But this was different. Continue reading

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SlideMoor is More Than Just a Docking System

Most folks think about SlideMoor as a very simple and effective way to secure a boat against a dock while autonomously compensating for tide and seaway conditions.  And it certainly does all of that very well.  But did you know that the SlideMoor system is considerably more versatile? Continue reading