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I am a medical student with a lifelong passion for the the outdoors. Since childhood, I've spent as much time as possible on the Gulf of Mexico. My college research centered on marine biology, and my specific interests include spearfishing, fishing, and the study of marine ecosystems.

Spearfishing: The 4 Keys to Taking Your Trophy Home | SlideMoor Blog

Spearfishing: The 4 Keys to Taking Your Trophy Home

You’re forty feet underwater, and starting to run out of air. You take one last kick with your fins, just in case there’s something out of your view. As you’re about to turn towards the surface, the giant grouper you’re waiting for materializes in the distance. You’re short on oxygen, and your heart is racing with the huge fish in your sights. A smaller fish flashes by and you turn towards it momentarily. You swing back to center, trying to refocus. You raise the speargun towards the dream fish, as it cruses in front of you, and quickly fire off a shot. The spear goes wide, and the fish darts off, disappearing once again into the gloom. Continue reading

Beware of the Goliath Grouper

Beware of the Goliath Grouper

You’re fishing off the coast of Florida, anchored up over a reef, when all the sudden you get the bite you’ve been waiting for. You know you’ve finally hooked the dinner fish, and start reeling it up towards the boat, when all the sudden a freight train snatches your line, and you hold on for dear life as the rod threatens to snap in half. The first time, you might think “sharks,” but soon you’ll know better. Continue reading