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I’m sitting at the yacht club bar one afternoon having an adult beverage with two friends waiting out a storm when all of a sudden the wind starts to blow harder and harder. My two friends jump up, and rush down the dock to adjust their lines, while I sit fat, dumb, and happy. The bartender comes over and asks why I’m not with them, and I tell him simply that I don’t have to jump around getting all wet because my boat is tied up with a pair of SlideMoor’s. He asks, “what’s a SlideMoor?” “Best docking system on the market!” I swiftly reply. I go on to say that, “instead of having to tie up my boat with multiple port, starboard, bow, stern, and spring lines, I only need to tie up at two ‘hard points’ on the starboard side.” The boat is held tight against the sliding bumpers, and as the tide changes the boat follows the change in water level with no lateral movement or disastrous banging around. When the wind picks up, I don’t have to worry about the boat getting all banged up. I then ordered another drink and quietly smiled as my friends performed their cross-tie dock theatrics.

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Jesse Pariseau

Jesse Pariseau

Director of Marketing & Sales at SlideMoor
I have been in the marine business since 1974. I have a BSEE from Northeastern University, specializing in Marine Sciences Instrumentation. I've been an active offshore sailor for most of my adult life having sailed a couple of Whitbread legs and way too many Bermuda races to mention!
Jesse Pariseau

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