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A Midnight Sailing Mystery Guest

I love sailing offshore at night under the stars. It’s quiet and very serene. Other than getting wacked by the occasional flying fish, sometimes you see things that defy the imagination. On one particular voyage, we were about 200 miles out of Bermuda. With the autopilot on, we were sitting on the starboard side having a cup of coffee enjoying the panorama that is the Milky Way.

All of a sudden we heard a bump. “Must have been some flotsam we ran over,” I commented. A couple of minutes later, the same bump. We couldn’t see anything in the water that would have caused the bumping so we went back to drinking our coffee. All of a sudden we heard a splash and another thump. “It must be some dolphins,” we said. “No it can’t be, dolphins don’t bump into boats.” Now we were starting to get a little freaked out. Just as we turned to look over the starboard side, a very large figure surfaced with the biggest red eyes you have ever seen. They were about 6 feet apart and the size of large dinner plates. The head stayed with us for about 10 minutes, disappeared without a sound as quickly as it showed up. We were frozen in our tracks like a deer in the headlights. What the heck did we just see? We got on the SSB and called out for any research ships in the area. Finally, a vessel out of Woods Hole Oceanographic returned our hail. After much discussion they finally agreed that it must have been very large squid that was our mystery guest. Oh gee that’s just peachy. “Are they dangerous?” we asked? “Only when they’re hungry,” was his reply. “Well how do you know when they’re hungry?” After a moment of silence he came back on and replied, “When they eat you.” From that night on we kept a loaded AR15 at the ready, just in case.

Jesse Pariseau

Jesse Pariseau

Director of Marketing & Sales at SlideMoor
I have been in the marine business since 1974. I have a BSEE from Northeastern University, specializing in Marine Sciences Instrumentation. I've been an active offshore sailor for most of my adult life having sailed a couple of Whitbread legs and way too many Bermuda races to mention!
Jesse Pariseau

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