Custom Painted Speargun

10 Simple Steps to Paint Your Speargun!

Painting your speargun is a cool way to make it unique and look badass in the water for pictures.  Here are a few tips and pictures from when I painted mine.

Materials needed:

  • Drill
  • Sand paper
  • Colored wood paint
  • Painters tape/stickers
  • Clear semi-gloss marine polyurethane

Let’s get started!

Disassemble Speargun1. Remove the trigger, butt, and tip hardware

You probably need a drill to do so.  This lets you get down to only the wood and makes for a much easier time in the whole process.



Sand Speargun2. Sand  

Sand off all the existing coating.  This will allow the wood to receive the new paint job. 



Pick Colors for Speargun3. Pick your colors/style

Its good to have a good plan going into it.  Get creative during the process, but at least know what direction you are heading.  We picked up 4 or 5 colors from Home Depot.  The colors were liquid and the spray paint was black.  I decided to go with a subtle fish gradient with a 3 layered pattern over top.


Experiment with Colors for Speargun4. Experiment/practice

We spent a little time practicing techniques.  Once you start on the gun, there’s no turning back unless you start all over from sanding. 



Layer the Base of Speargun5. Lay the base

I painted the bottom blue then spray painted black over it.  The angle at which I sprayed allowed for a nice variation in the line.


Add Style to Speargun6. Add your tape flourishes

This step could go before 5 depending on your styling.  I wanted a few subtle elements.  I added in my initials (I bought letter stickers from the local craft store) and I added in two lines as a representation of the marine hurricane warning (two stacked square flags).


Additional Speargun Styling7. Next round of painting

Have some fun with it.  This is where we got creative on the styling.  We used a toothbrush for a fine mist and slung paint with our fingers for the thicker streaks.

Remove Tape from Speargun8. Remove tape

We also added some stickers that were going to stay at this phase too.


Add Polyurethane Finish to Speargun9. Add polyurethane finish

2-3 coats is good.  Watch for pooling and drips.  Make sure to keep the barrel of the gun clear from pooling as this could throw off your shaft.


Reassemble Speargun10. Reassemble

Make sure you give 24 hour minimum for drying.   I would recommend longer (even 72 hours) on the polyurethane.  The oil base paints take a long time to dry.


Kill FishKill fish. Take Pictures. Share them with us!

I would love to see some of your painted spear gun work! Tag them to our Instagram account for a shout out!


5 Things You Probably Didn’t Think Of

  1. Make art.
  2. Drink liberally and use the bottles as supports.
  3. Make sure to sand a bit extra where the wood slides into the hardware.  The extra paint will make it thinker and you want it to fit.
  4. Stockings make great fish scales.  Go to a party city.
  5. Here is some other inspirations below.

Speargun for Blue Ocean

Mayan Riffe Speargun YouTube Video

Camo Speargun Paint Job

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James Murphy

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James Murphy

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      I want to put epoxy on my wooden teakgun and I want to put green poader glow in the dark recharge with the sun. do you think that the fish gone a be scare


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